About the School of Business

At UDEM Business School we are committed with an academic culture of excellence and with the development of ethical leaders who are aware of their social responsibility, within a global business environment, based on the generation, promotion and application of knowledge. Our School is accredited by AACSB, becoming one of the best Business School in Mexico and Latin America with world class academic standards.

About the Position

The main role and responsibilities for this position is to teach specialized courses under exigence and excellence alignments. Promote collaboration agreements in order to enhance projects with associations and academic foreign institutions. Advises and assess students investigation projects. Keep semi-annual record of achievements.

Qualifications needed for this position:

  • Global Business Challenges
  • Strategies for entering foreign markets, including exporting, licensing, alliances and direct foreign investment
  • Management of cultural differences and organization of international negotiations

Skills needed for this position:

  • Proficiency at a professional conversation level in English and Spanish language
  • Full-time professor, with teaching and industry work experience in the field, who domain International Business and International Commerce topics.
  • Ethical decision-making in a global context
  • Analysis of global industries and competitors
  • Imports and exports management
  • Global logistics


  • Master’s degree and/or Ph.D. in Global Business / International Business / Administration with major in Global Business

Benefits of the position:

  • Full-time professor contract
  • Benefits superior to those of the Mexican law (these are additional benefits to the salary) such as: Food vouchers, subsidized dining room, life insurance, private health insurance, savings fund, 45-day Christmas bonus, 7-week holiday per year, etc.
  • Transfer benefits: Airline ticket, lodging, taxi, and moving (according to current policies)

To realize its promise to form excellent professionals and extraordinary people, the University of Monterrey is seeking to reinforce its team with exceptional new members that can contribute to the sustainable growth of our university.